About Family First

Family First was formed in 2017, the aim was quite simple- to provide parents and schools with all the tools they need to help improve the health of children & young adults across the UK, helping families build a happier, healthier family lifestyle.

Since 2017, Family First has been a phenomenal success and as a result, it has attracted the attention & support from Public Health England's Change4Life, Mumsnet, Argos, ASDA and some of the largest sporting organisations & leading family brands in the UK - all helping Family First reach even more parents. Working together we encourage families to turn off their TVs, PlayStations & iPads and start being much more active, play more sport & start eating healthier.

Family First now produce their very own magazine which is given FREE to as many parents & schools as possible. They produce hard copies as well as digital copies with a reach of over 1,000,000 parents of children aged 2-16 years- making Family First the UK's largest & most widely distributed family publication to date.

Family First quickly realised that schools do not have sufficient cooking equipment or sports equipment due to huge budget cuts and as a result, they now also help schools by providing them with cooking equipment so that their pupils can learn to cook great-tasting, nutritious meals at school. We also provide schools with much-needed sports and outdoor play equipment to enable children to participate in a range of sporting activities as part of their school day.

Family First have huge plans, not just focusing on the health of children & young adults, but to also help all other family members lead a healthier lifestyle too, including: aunts, uncles, grandparents & even great-grandparents!

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