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All we ask is that as a school, you share our magazine through social media, add links to your newsletters and let us know if you would like hard copies to hand to your parents. You can use the links provided below to help you do this

We produce Family First magazine in-house and it is freely distributed to parents/carers and schools across the UK.

We produce hard copies as well as digital copies with a reach of over 1,000,000 parents/carers of children aged 2-16 years, making Family First the UK’s largest and most widely distributed family publication to date.

The team at Family First quickly realised that many schools do not have sufficient cooking equipment available for pupils due to huge budget cuts and, as a result, we aim to help schools by donating cooking equipment so that children can learn to cook nutritious, tasty meals in school and to help foster a love of food and cooking.

We also provide schools with much-needed sports and outdoor play equipment that will enable children to participate in a range of sporting activities both during lessons and in their free time.

Family First have huge plans, not just focusing on the health of children and young adults, but also to help all other family members lead a healthier lifestyle too, including: aunts, uncles, grandparents and even great- grandparents!

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What other schools are saying

We were thrilled to hear that, thanks to the support of our families and staff, Fairchildes had won a fantastic selection of tennis equipment. Thank you so much Family First for organising the competition. PE lessons will be greatly improved with such high quality equipment

Joanna Hussey
Head Of School
Fairchildes Primary

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